Higher vocational education in Trøndelag

Study programmes within higher (tertiary) vocational education are practice oriented and provide competencies and skills that can be used directly in work. Higher vocational education is at a level above upper secondary education and is offered by tertiary vocational schools (fagskoler).

15 schools in Trøndelag offer higher vocational education. Information about these schools and their study programmes is available on hoyt.no (in Norwegian).

Trøndelag County Authority’s tertiary vocational school

Trøndelag Tertiary Vocational School (THYF) is owned by Trøndelag County Authority. The school offers study programmes within technical subjects, maritime subjects, health subjects, childhood and youth subjects, agricultural subjects, food/nutrition subjects and aquaculture subjects. Other subjects are also offered, in collaboration with tertiary vocational schools elsewhere in Norway.
Read about the study programmes on THYF’s website (in Norwegian).

THYF has seven departments throughout Trøndelag:

  • Chr. Thams, Løkken Verk
  • Gauldal, Støren
  • Levanger
  • Steinkjer
  • Stjørdal
  • Trondheim
  • Ytre Namdal, Rørvik

Tertiary vocational schools not owned by Trøndelag County Authority

Information for applicants

Admission to higher vocational education requires completed vocational education from upper secondary school (trade or journeyman’s certificate) or many years of relevant work experience. Admission to some study programmes requires completed general studies from upper secondary school.

Application for admission to public tertiary vocational schools and some private tertiary vocational schools is submitted via Samordna opptak. The application deadline is 15 April.

Some schools and studies are not included in the national admission system. For more information about application procedures and deadlines, check the website of the school in question.

Some study programmes are free of charge, and some require a tuition fee. Check the website of the school for more information. Admission to higher vocational education entitles to loans and grants from Lånekassen.

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