Student computer

All students in Trøndelag county municipality need a laptop when attending our upper secondary schools. As a new student in Trøndelag you have two options:

  • Option A – Bring your own device
  • Option B – Purchase a subsidised computer from the county council

(see also this video with English subtitles, click CC in lower right corner)

It is important that you make this choice well before the school starts! Your school will provide you with the necessary computer software for your education, regardless of your choice.

Before choosing option A, you need to check whether the computer you have or purchase from a regular electronic retailer, meets the technical requirements set by the educational programme you are to start attending.

Option B, purchasing a computer from the county council is possible from medio july.

You pay a deductible accordingly to the annual minimal equipment scholarship you receive as a student. All students with "ungdomsrett" are eligible this equipment scholarship from Lånekassen, but you need to apply for it.

Trøndelag county municipality does not fund purchase of computers from other/regular electronic retailers. 

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